We all do our best every day to stay safe and prevent accidents from happening, but if a spill happens, you know your business in the Greater Houston Area or Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex can rely on KC Enterprises to help them clean up. Our mobile units can come to your location quickly, and we have all the equipment necessary to clean up the spill, prevent run off, and get you back to business right away. We take every spill seriously, and we are committed to helping our local businesses get cleaned up and back to work quickly.

Our Mobile Cleaning Units

We have a full fleet of mobile cleaning units on-site that are ready to be deployed to clean up your spill. Each of our mobile response units has commercial-grade cleaning gear, sanitation equipment, and even containment systems to prevent run off. When your business experiences a spill of any size, we bring everything we need to get the spill, big or small, cleaned up safely and efficiently.

Safety & Sanitation

KC Enterprises uses affordable compliance methodology that is flexible enough to meet the needs of any situation. We take your spill seriously, and we know that you do too. We will do everything we can to exceed safety, sanitation, and compliance standards while still delivering a clean workspace within your schedule and budget. We are here to help you create safer and more sanitary spaces.

Minimizing Environmental Impact

We know how important it is to be good stewards of our natural resources, and there are safety and sanitation standards in place to encourage DFW Metroplex and Houston Area businesses to avoid chemical run off, damaging the environment, and potentially endangering people in the area. We have years of experience in cosmetic cleaning and fleet washing that prepares us to handle spills of all size with minimal environmental impact through cleanup that meets or exceeds all industry standards and regulations.

Maintaining High Standards & Exceeding Expectations

In addition to maintaining the industry standards and regulations, we also want to meet our own high standards in order to exceed your company’s expectations. When you call KC Enterprises for spill response, we will do our utmost to get to your location right away. We can answer questions to help you prevent any damage and avoid unnecessary issues until we arrive. Then, we’ll help you get the spill cleaned up quickly.

What’s Your Next Project?

Ready to clean up? Let KC Enterprises help. We offer full-service pressure washing, fleet washing, and construction services to help put your business’ best foot forward. Our on-site mobile cleaning units make the entire process fast and easy and leave your business looking its best.